We imagine a world where all skin cancers are diagnosed and treated
A world where all skin cancers are diagnosed and treated.
Kāhu's mission is to put instant skin cancer detection in the hands of every doctor.
Our timeline
-In collaboration with Monash R&D, we registered four provisional patents based on our innovative CNN architecture and hardware designs.
-Kāhu received $3M in funding from Pioneer Capital and Precision Driven Health to launch our first A.I. products
-Leading skin cancer researchers at Monash University published a protocol in British Medical Journal for the SMARTi trial which utilised our A.I.
-Our first decision-support product was released - Kāhu GP Assist - helping doctors to identify and diagnose faster and more efficiently.
-Kāhu's Priority Care product was launched, helping TeleHealth companies prioritize at-risk patients.
Our values
We stay positive, we innovate, we overcome challenges
We find a way
We work transparently, learn from mistakes and collaborate as a team
One Kāhu
We act ethically and are guided by Patient outcomes
Nobody dies on our watch
With the rise of global pandemics, Doctors today more than ever can benefit from technology that will help support them in their diagnostic decisions, efficiently and effectively. Patients will demand instant skin cancer diagnostics and Kāhu is committed to be a world leader in this technology.
– Stuart Dalrymple, CEO at Kāhu